Thursday, April 30, 2015

Organge is the new black is back??

'Orange is the New Black' will be back in june. If you didm't know, well now you do. Season 3 of "Orange is the New Black" will be premiering on netflix june 6th and available to stream june 12th. If you didn't see the first two seasons, I suggest you get right on that. There is so much to see, literally and figuratively. Unless you don't like drama, love, comedy and just a good story then don't watch it. You probably won't even be reading this if you weren't interested. Anyways….  I don't want to spoil all the fun so I won't go in details. So here is a,little bit of what you might expect to watch.

The first season it mainly follows Piper, the main character. She was arrested and put in jail because of old drug relations with her ex-girlfriend. She was drawn into the life of drug dealing and then had to pay the price. Piper is faced with a lot of obstacles ranging from ex-girlfriend drama to possible new girlfriend problems..key word possible. One of the inmates decides that she wants to date piper. Piper has to learn to deal with life in prison nd the ability to stand on her own.

In the second season, it explores the lives of the other inmates. It gives light on the struggles of life in prison and even the life before prison. We sometimes forget that others live cry different lives than us and people across the country face problems that others only have seen in the movies. People can't choose the cards they have been dealt. And unforunitly some people are thrown into a life of being in prison that could've been avoided. 

I am really excited for the next season because I can't wait for the characters to develop more. Despite it's vulgarity sometimes, if you look past it the story is actually a beautiful story. 

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