Thursday, April 16, 2015


Netflix recently released Its newest series "Daredevil".  It is based on Marvel's comic book series flowing Mathew Murdock, a blind man, who is fighting for the innocent in a corrupt world. Like any other superhero story, Murdock has a hidden life of Vigilante work where he disguises himself as "Daredevil".

Murdock is played by actor Charlie Cox who has also played rolls in Startdust, and The Theory of Everything. I personally think he is a good fit for the roll after watching the first few episodes of the series.

The Production quality of the show is excellent from what I have seen so far. My only complaint is the acting. The lead characters are all fine however sometimes the supporting actors come off as delivering lines which pulls me out of the world.

My favorite part of the show has to be the sound. The sound design for this show is phenomenal in my opinion. I may not be the most beautiful or fluid, however when following the life of a man who cannot see, one must see the word through sound and I believe the series is doing well with this so far.

Overall rate in my opinion is 8/10

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