Thursday, April 30, 2015

'Lip Sync Battle' Spike TV

Lip Sync Battle is a new show that premiered earlier this month [April 2, 2015] on Spike. If this show sounds familiar the reason may be because you watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  "Lip Sync Battle" was a game that Jimmy played with some of his guests that he had on his show.  This show on Spike is a spin-off of that game but is taken much more seriously and the actors use props and back up dancers and plan out a routine for round 2.

When you hear that these actors are lip syncing songs you may think it can't be that entertaining, but it really is! If a celebrity I like performs of course I enjoy it more, but even celebrities I don't really know that well do a really good job. It seems like all of the guests have been practicing for at least a week before performing it.

Here is one of my favorite original battles that was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, this was a special one because Will FerrelKevin Hart, & Jimmy were all battling against one another:

Now look at how Spike TV took this game to the next level! 
Watch what I believe is the best lip sync performance so far on this show.
Anne Hathaway chose Wrecking Ball, by Miley Cyrus. Anne doesn't just lip sync the song but reenacts parts from the music video! 

I give this show a rating of 8.7/10. This show has a great host, LL Cool J who always seems to know what to say. This show gets a rating high within the eight's because Chrissy Teigen is a "Color commentator" on the show, so there is literally never a dull moment in-between acts. This show is constistently aesthetically pleasing and if Spike can continue to get A-List celebrities to battle each other, I think this show will continue to be a big success! 

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