Thursday, April 23, 2015

Silicon Valley

     A sign of a good serialized tv show is that the premise is not what the show is about. Silicon Valley on HBO, as one can imagine, is about a small start up in California's technology cradle. The show follows Richard, played by Thomas Middleditch, a geeky and soft spoken programmer who has developed an algorithm that compresses files at an alarming rate. With his programming friends Richard develops this company, Pied Piper, 

     Silicon Valley is set in the world of technology but it's about finding confidence and reaching success. Richard has to balance working with his high strung, out of touch boss Peter Gregory and his competitor Gavin Belson of Huli. Belson being a thin caricature of Steve Jobs and Huli being an amalgam of Google and Apple.   

    The main cast is mostly comprised of comedians in acting roles. They truly do a great job, the show is ridiculous but not slapstick. Points of tension arise because of characters desires rather than whacky antics. People familiar with comedy will recognize Middleditch and costars Kumail Nanjiani, and TJ Miller as up and coming stand ups. It's only fitting they get their first major acting roles as start ups.

     The production quality is high and showrunner Mike Judge, of Office Space fame, has said it's based off his own experience in Silicon Valley in the late 80s. The series is funny and entertaining and is everything you would want from a situational comedy. Plus it has the best dick joke in the history of television.

     Check it out.

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