Thursday, April 2, 2015

So Tell Me When it Kicks In

Early last week, popular singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran released his music video for the song "Bloodstream." Bloodstream is a song off his album 'X' and features the English band, Rudimental. The music video was far from the last love-struck video Sheeran released, and in fact takes on a more serious tone. The video stars Ray Liotta, who is portrayed as an older musician who seems to have had much too long in the spotlight, and is starting to become exhausted by it.
The musician seems to have a Gatsby complex; a big home, with lots of money and things he doesn't need, who spends his days perplexed over what he's had and spends his nights drinking and doing drugs to a point of no return. He even falls into some water...
...Okay that may be where I draw the Gatsby conclusion from, but still, it's pretty similar. (Also may a little funny).
Anyway, the music video seems to fit well with the song itself. I think the lyric "this is how it ends, I feel the chemicals burn in my blood stream," pairs well with the aging musician, who is seeing where his life has ended up, and can feel the wear and tear getting to him. It does seem a little comical sometimes, while the musician is stumbling over some women and appearing to be singing karaoke, but the video does kind of hit a serious note. Not many people think about the spotlight and what it does to people, especially when they're worn out and can keep up with the masses and the tastes of the new generations. Maybe it's time that this guy goes on a vacation where nobody knows his name...
I think that the music video was pretty good, and showed a very similar quality to Sheeran's other music videos. They are always a little bit ambiguous, with room open for a few different interpretations, but the main message is always clear. And, they are most definitely always unique. To be honest, I was pretty surprised that this was the song he chose to release as a single next, because there were a lot of other songs off the album that stood out more for me, but I think I understand now. With Rudimental collabing with him and the idea for the music video, I suppose it's starting to make sense now.

The video is also presented by the YouTube Music Awards.

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