Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Why I Love Jimmy Fallon

It's no secret that Jimmy Fallon is a strong host for the Tonight Show; he's awkward, hilarious, and charismatic. I binge on his skits on a daily basis, and have a ton of inside jokes with my friends because of the show. But, in the past week, I've actually heard from a few of my... friends (if I can still count them as friends) that they don't think he's all that great. And, now, I have to prove, to them and to everyone else who is skeptical of him, why I think he is so amazing. Aside from all of his hilarious interviews, these are somethings I love about him and this show.

My first reason is generally because he's awkward. Like, really awkward. You would think that this is just his TV personality, but as proved in this interview with Nicole Kidman, you can see that he truly is, and probably always has been this incredibly awkward. This is a good connecting point with his audience, and it kind of shows the world that it's okay to be awkward.

Another thing I love about Jimmy Fallon is his "Ew" skits. These are a series of skits where he dresses as a teenage girl and pretends to be the "typical" teenage girl with his guests on the show.  They make fun of things that aren't "cool," make up slang and talk ridiculously, and it's actually pretty hilarious. My favourite thing about this skit is probably this "Official Music Video" featuring Will.I.Am.

My next favourite thing is definitely the lip sync battles on the show. I love seeing actors acting like they're singing. There's something about it that is more than a little hilarious. I've seen people like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emma Stone get up on stage and become rock stars, not to mention the fact that Jimmy always puts on a amazing performance too.

Okay okay, and what about his rendition of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's theme song? It was actually amazing. What better way is there to make an audience entertained than to push fun and nostalgia into one? For me, it honestly couldn't get much better than that. With the familiar catchy tune, I was caught from the first note. Jimmy is definitely the Fresh Host of Tonight.

The next sketch I'm going to talk about is his "Box of Lies" sketch. Okay, guessing what's inside of a box is kind of basic. But, why are the things inside of these boxes so strange?? Who decides these kind of things anyway? The fact that they're so odd makes the lies that Jimmy and his guests make up that much more funny, because no matter how weird it gets, it could totally actually be inside the box.

Lastly(and honestly on top of so many other things that I wish I could list but would go on forever and ever if i did), I think his renditions of songs with classroom instruments. Not only are these songs actually done well, but they just all look like they're having so much fun. They're basically doing exactly what we want to do when we're jamming out to our own music while being an actual child.

I really think Jimmy Fallon is an amazing host, and provides quality entertainment.

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