Thursday, April 16, 2015

Broad City

Broad City is a sitcom that originally began as a web series, but now airs on Comedy Central. It was created by Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, who are the series' leads as well. The series revolves around the random adventures the two twenty-something women experience while living in New York City. Ilana and Abbi are vastly different in degree of motivation, but are still the best of friends. Ilana is very unmotivated at her job and takes breaks that last multiple hours. Abbi's dream is to be a personal trainer at a fitness center, but for now she is only a janitor.

Ilana and Abbi have a very interesting and close relationship; they are instigators of one another's habits (i.e. skipping work, smoking weed, etc.). Honestly, the show would be nothing without either of those characters. They play off one another so much that only having one of them would kill the whole vibe of the show.
Ilana and Lincoln's relationship also has an funny dynamic because he cares about her so much while she is just sort of boppin' around doing her own thing. They are very cute together but Ilana can't seem to see how perfect he is for her. Meanwhile, Abbi has a huge crush on her hot neighbor Jeremy, a hunky-yet-suave guy with a really cool beard. It seems like something is about to happen between the two of them but he ends up asking for a random favor. Abbi always ends up looking like a crazy person because of her friends/roommate's boyfriend acting like complete idiots in front of him. (I'm rooting for them hardcore).

Editing is a very important element of this show. There are a lot of quick cuts and zooms which make the show seem more real because we're seeing every reaction. Sound is also an important element; they use a lot of dramatic music to heighten humorous situations and it enhances the jokes a lot. The camerawork is kind of shaky overall, going with that "real life" feeling overall; I hear that in the second season they get a significantly better camera so the quality will definitely get better.

Broad City is quirky, inappropriate, and has very fast-paced humor. There are a lot of "what is going on" moments because many story arcs are kind of fantasy. For example, if Ilana and Abbi are stoned usually there will be a sequence where something ridiculous and unrealistic occurs. I highly recommend the show to anyone who likes Comedy Central shows.

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