Thursday, April 2, 2015

'House, M.D.' Pilot

I was browsing through Netflix to find a new TV series to watch.  When I saw House, M.D. it was an easy choice to pick, when I noticed it nearly has a 5/5 Star rating on Netflix.  I also saw a few episodes of this show when it used to be on TV, and I remember it being one of the most popular shows to watch during its run.  All I remembered from this show is that "House" is the main character and he walks with a cane, so I wanted to see why this show was so popular.
House, M.D. stars Hugh Laurie as House. Working along side House is Dr. James Wilson [Robert Sean Leonard], Dr. Eric Foreman [Omar Epps], Dr. Robert Chase [Jesse Spencer], and Dr. Allsion Cameron [Jennifer Morrison]
This pilot starts out with guest-actor/patient [Robin Tunney] playing a kindergarden teacher. She is talking to her students when she starts to mumble and can't make out any words. During this part the music slowly increased, got louder and the beat would get faster.  The camera shots were extreme close ups of her eyes and mouth. Then all we hear is her gasping for air and her heart beat.  With all of these things working together I could feel how distraught the teacher was and how serious her condition is.
There were not many establishing shots; when there where they were of this red brick establishment, which is supposed to be the hospital they work in.  The doctors and patients shot inside the hospital all have a warm color look on them.  It seems like there is an orange light on the actors, it does do a good job of separating the actors from the background. Since the background is mostly windows with sun light coming in, I would almost expect a cooler color than a warm one on the actors, it was a bit distracting visually.
The character House isn't as nice as I would expect him to be.
 With doctors you usually think of them as caring for the paients and building some sort of trust and connection; with House he is a bit of a rebel.  He cares about helping his patients but it seems like he cares more about solving what is wrong with them over anything else.  He doesn't really interact with the patient played by Robin Tunney, until after he figures out what is wrong with her.
This show does a good job of grabbing and keeping my attention. House, M.D. has become one of my new favorite shows.  I would recommend this series to anyone who likes drama, mild comedy, and doctors.  I give the pilot a 8.5/10 and I would recommend this show to my friends. I plan on continuing to watch this series!

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