Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Pet Peeve.

You know what I hate…. 

when singers put out movies showing their concert. Why would you buy to see a show that you could see live or on youtube? The first singers that come to mind is Miley cyrus (hannah Montana), The Jonas brothers and Justin Beiber.  It's just another reason people can throw money at these celebrities. I'm sorry, but I will never see a "concert" in the movie theaters. Celebrities make enough money, you would think that they can release some footage from on stage and behind the scenes for free for their fans that they "love." Whenever I see a celebrity make a movie about themselves, all I can think is that they just need the money. There are some personal things that they say but not too much on their life. Actually, now that I think about it Katy perry has a documentary about herself that I hear revealed a lot of personal information. That's what people should actually do. I do have to admit that I did watch the Justin Bieber concert movie.. and all I have to say is that it was not worth my time. I will watch Katy Perry's just to see the difference, and I hope it will change my opinion on this. I also feel like you can just watch the concert on youtube for FREE! But I mean I guess if your a fan you want to support your celeb, however, I just don't find it necessary. How about Singers do more for their fans. They are basically bathing in money, you can't give them a free little preview of your show and let your fans know some personal things about you? I know I am being very broad cause yes, celebrates do reveal thing sin interviews. But I would like to see a movie of a singer that is free in theaters, now THAT would be cool.

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