Monday, January 31, 2011

Pixar production process

Hey guys! so I was bored and wandering around the web, and I ran into Pixar's website. There's a section that briefly explains their production process. I though it was pretty cool, now that we are planning our GDK, so you guys should check it out.

Lighting in The Kings Speech

Although I am a TV-R major and know I want to do TV in the future, I've always loved film...especially the watching movies part. As all film lovers know, award season is upon us and you know what that means? It's cram time! Time to watch all the best picture nominees before the big show, the Academy Awards, on February 27th! Last weekend I went to Cinemapolis and saw 'The Kings Speech.' This is the fourth of the nominated films I have viewed and definitely one of my favorites. The muted lighting of this film greatly enhances the mood that the director, Tom Hooper was trying to convey. During the tense moments when Colin Firth's character is faced with both internal and external conflict, the lighting had a greater contrast between light and dark. Overall the lighting had a great impact on the mood and further the audience's reaction to the story.

Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip

Hey guys, so I just started watching a show on recommendation from friend and it's amazing. If you haven't heard of it or seen it then check it out. The show is called Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip. It a show from 2006 starring Matthew Perry and Amanda Pete along with a few others. The show follows a sketch comedy program (like SNL) through its weekly ups and downs. It's really cool because it shows a lot of stuff like the control room during the show, the writers, the actors, and executives and the problems they face in meeting good numbers for the network. SO, I really recommend you check it out. It is at the top of the list right now on my list of shows cancelled after 1 season (Terriers being the other member of that list, also awesome).

The first and only season of the show is on Netflix streaming.

ICTV Rush night

Hey guys!

So some of you probably heard that tonight is ICTVs Rush Night WOOHOO!!! There are 20 something shows available this semester and a couple new ones too. I would encourage everyone to go because its a really great opportunity to get experience in many different areas of television-production. I am going to be working on Newswatch this year and maybe try again for Entertainment News. There are writing positions, tech positions, directing and acting opportunities....EVERYTHING! So come to emerson suits tonight at 7pm to see what's going on. Hopefully i'll see you guys there!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hey Everyone!

So, my name is Julia and i have never blogged before, so this is kinda not fun for me at all!

But anyways, i'm from Long Island but i know i'm meant to be in L.A. so hopefully i'll get to go there next spring (and then live there after graduation!) I don't really know exactly what i want to do in the future, but i'm most interested in post-production work right now and i'd love to do casting or anything that gets me really involved with the actors. I'm completely celebrity obsessed, so yea. I also LOVE the Lakers and basketball is the only sport i follow. I despise the news, but if i had to work in some kind of studio setting thing my dream would be E! news, the celebrity thing again. I also love animals so animal rights are something i'm passionate about.

I kinda hate pre-production work a lot, so i'm sorry if i get a little annoyed by it. I'm also really shy so i'm probably not gonna talk much in class, but i swear it's nothing personal and i'm not trying to be mean!

So that's really all i can think of to say about myself. See ya in the a.m.! Yipee.

I Think I Love Resolutions...

Hello again,
So as I mentioned in my last post, I'm a vlogger, and if you checked out the link to my channel, you would see that playing music is my new years resolution. This might be the best new years resolution I've ever made for myself, because it's something I have already come to enjoy. That, and it's been a nice way to take a break from studying, and honestly, that's something EVERYONE needs!!!

Did anyone else make any resolutions? If so, what was it? I love hearing what other people want out of their year, it really says something about who they are and what's important to them, so maybe comment or something and let me know!

Also, if you want to look at my newest vlog post, please, click here :)


Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Book Recommendation (it's a really short book, I promise!)

Hi! Becca here. For anyone who's interested in going into film or TV/is planning on working as a P.A. on a professional shoot at some point, I have a book recommendation. For Christmas, I got a book called The Production Assistant's Pocket Handbook- it's actually a large-pocket-size book that's only 59 pages long. It gives you advice on what to do/not do as a P.A., jargon that you need to learn, what different P.A. jobs are like, and basically tells you how to be the best P.A. possible so that you can be promoted quickly and get past that bottom rung. I learned a lot of odd things when I read it, like:

- If a gaffer lets you keep the gloves he lends you after you help him with something, telling you that "you've earned them," don't stick them in your back pocket for all to see. The gloves tell the other gaffers that you're willing to help them move large, heavy objects, coil cables, etc. So it's kind of a trap. Give the gloves to someone else or hide them.

- You'll be driving a lot as a P.A., and if a producer or director is driving with you, drive really smoothly. A jarring stop or start won't get you fired, it just won't get you rehired. It's a subliminal-sounding thing, but too many tiny mistakes while driving can set the already-wired producer/director on edge, something that generally won't make you too high on their "rehire these people" list.

- Second-unit P.A. jobs are cool because it's a smaller crew. You can get a better view of all the different job opportunities on set, and there's a good chance they'll give you more responsibilities when you're there.

Maybe all of that was obvious, but I had never heard of those things before. There's a billion other little tips and facts like those in the book, so if you're interested, I recommend getting/borrowing it.
Have an awesome weekend :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Old School Cartoons

They are indeed the best, like Kyle says. Here is an example from the granddaddy of them all, Winsor McKay the author among many other things of Little Nemo

Interesting Title

Hi everyone. My name is Kyle Riether. I'm a sophmore TV/R major. I hail from Langhorne, Pa, it's a philly suburb. Langhorne is home to Sesame Place, a big Sesame Street themed water park. That's about our only claim to fame. I'm a huge sports fan, especially baseball, and I play tennis here at Ithaca. I'm also the president of our ping-pong club on campus. My favorite tv show is How I met your mother. I'm hoping to go out to LA in the fall. I want our new athletic center to be done so we can have indoor tennis courts. Old school cartoons are the best. Period. Well, I realized this is just a random list of things but I guess it will help to get to know me. See you guys bright and early.

Gabo Saint Malo

whats good class gabo saint malo c/o 2013 tv-r and soccer player. from miami fl yeah idk what im doing in ithaca either. really dont like 8ams but the department has other plans for a 3rd semester of preregistration from 8ams in a row. if youre reading this department people dont do it again next semester. I want to get into sports broadcasting like live sports or a tv show, i also really like doing documentaries. i like being on camera so if you need someone try and find me. im an N64 BEAST sean yoo, jason and the rest of east tower top floor can tell you that. uhhh i guess thats all i got good luck everybody

Finally figured out how to blog.

This is my first time using a blog as a resource so I'm still learning. My name is Ellis Williams as I'm sure some of you may very well know me and I'm excited to begin the course. I think what will set groups apart is the way we adhere to schedules and how much time we put into pre- production and then using that production and post production time accordingly. I think one thing we forget is how important pre- prod is because it is not highlighted in our courses till this semester but it is the structural foundation we should utilize before going into ANY assignment to achieve the desired shots/ angles/ expressions we want. I am settling for nothing short of great video and I think it will be fun to make great video. I would also like to voice small group communication and how we can be accountable as individuals and as a team. It is important that we use other venues other than facebook to communicate it is so detached and leaves the assignment to fall to deaf ears. A meeting time and a place to sit and generate ideas is crucial to our success as students and as team members for future endeavors. I bring this up because in the past group members do not contribute the same amount of work as others and I know that an even distribution of responsibility and accountability will have everyone rise to the occasion and not fall out of sync with the group because they are not feeling less involved in comparison to others. Let's not have our group members feel like their contributions are insignificant or that we as a group prioritize poorly leaving our assignments till the last minute to complete. Let's try to remedy all these past instances (because I know everyone has experienced it once before) and hold one another accountable for an assignment WE took on.

Just saying some of my grievances and optimism with my experiences with groups. I look forward to working with everyone.

Enjoy the Weekend,

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hey guys. My name's Caitlin Stetter. I'm a TVR major with a video production concentration (... like everyone else, I think?). I'm from Norfolk, Massachusetts, right by Gilette Stadium. You might have heard of my town if you've seen The Town (they say it twice... which I think is pretty cool. We "have Ben&Jerry's"). So yeah, I'm a huge New England sports fan. Don't get me started on the pats not making it to the superbowl..
I'm not quite sure what I want to do with myself once I graduate college... I should probably figure that out. My favorite TV shows are The Office and Dexter. I work on E-16 here at school.
I think that's about it! See everyone in class :)



So i wanted to make my first post and introduce myself to everyone. My name is Kelly Wakelee, I'm from Downingtown, Pa which is right outside of Philadelphia. When I graduate I want to become a news anchor for a network like CBS, or NBC news. I work downstairs at PPECs so if anyone ever has technical questions about the cameras or tripods hopefully I can help. When it comes to projects I'm usually the organizer. I like to keep everything together and running smoothly and I'm always easy to get a hold of via email or phone. If you want to learn more about me I have set up my e-portfolio through Ithaca College so feel free to browse the link is above. Can't wait for this semester!

Hi :) and cool movie...

Hey hey. I'm going to go ahead and follow the crowd on this one. My name is Alyssa Walker. I'm a sophomore TV-R major with a concentration in video production. I have a history minor and the goal is to someday work at history channel or a production company that makes historical documentaries (it's a slightly nerdy dream, i know). I live in Virginia and I'm hoping to intern in DC over the summer (fingers crossed). My favorite TV shows are Scrubs, That 70s Show, and 30 Rock. I play trombone; I enjoy puns; and I tend to overuse parentheses (if that wasn't already obvious).

Anyway, we had to bring in those pictures from a film noir movie today and it reminded me of a movie called Brick, which is a modern day take on film noir movies starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. If you guys have 109 minutes to spare and want to check it out, it's on instant play on Netflix. The title is the link.

3-Act Structure

In my media aesthetics and analysis class, we just got a reading about narrative structure, with the classic 3-act structure of a story having a beginning, middle, and end. Then, I saw an analysis of the 3-act structure as it is used today in video games (I put the video in the link).
But, I've recently been a bit frustrated by this concept. Media has changed so much since the oral stories of ancient times, and yet, the 3-act structure still exists in storytelling, though the order is sometimes rearranged. Why? Is the concept of everything having a start and end embedded in the human psyche, or can we get past it? Can anyone name a film, TV show, game, whatever that DOESN'T use the 3-Act structure? I can't, and I'm not even sure how to make a story without omitting the elements of start/end or adding anything else. Does anyone else find it scary that we as humans are restricted to understanding the world around us by how things start and end and we ultimately cannot comprehend the universe being infinite in time as well as space? I know, it’s weird to think this, but really…can anyone think of a story of any medium that didn’t use the 3-act structure somehow? I’d like to know.

BTW, I’m Face, a TVR major.

Face-Off new show coming...

So I was flipping through the channels on the tube and there was a commercial for a new show coming on the SyFy channel. Its a competition for the best make-up artists in the country, so American Idol for people who are makeup artists. The judges on the show look a little more grungy than J-Lo but comparable to Steven Tyler because he's scary looking. Anyway, If your interested in how people can be transformed into ridiculous characters through makeup and wanna watch the process then check the show out. I believe it starts on Wednesday. Link to the website is the title there's some cool stuff on there to check out.


Hey! My name is Jose Eduardo Maguey Barrera, but you can just call me Eduardo. I'm from Mexico city, and I traveled all the way up here to study Tv! So yeah, I'm a Tvr major with a Video prod concentration and a Scriptwriting minor. I like to write, watch Tv, listen to music, pretty much I like to chill. My favorite Tv show is Dexter, but I also love Mad Men (the show...). So something interesting about me... I work in catering services, but idk If that counts as interesting. I'm also a TD for Pop Quiz. Anyways, I'm pretty chill and I'm usually in a good mood if you want to chat.

Oh, hello, 7 am, how are you?

Hellooo. I'm Becca Wilson, a sophomore TV-R major with a video production concentration and minors in Spanish and Econ (and secretly basket-weaving). Last year I worked on IC Everywhere, and this year I'm AP and script sup for To a Pulp. Okay, let's see, random facts...I'm from MD, I just ate a piece of banana bread, there's a drawing of a dragowolficorn on my wall, and I like cats.
Maybe I shouldn't be writing this this early. You really didn't need to know that there's a dragowolficorn on my wall...
Anyway, I'm looking forward to fiction field shenanigans. See you soon, anyone in the 8 am TR.

The New Wave

I am really curious as to what you will do. Surprise yourselves!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Peer Pressure Is Making Me Post This

My name is Nick Petrella and I am a sophomore TVR Major with a concentration in video production and a minor in communication studies. Last semester I co-produced a show called The Boy Band on ICTV and this semester I am currently working on the WICB executive staff as a production director. Hopefully I will spend this summer interning in Boston (the greatest city on the planet) and then in the fall I hope to be studying abroad in L.A. I am definitely not a morning person so if I seem really quiet in class it's probably because I fell asleep so just give me a nudge or something. YEAH!


Hola everyone!

I didn't really know what to put in this blog post but everyone else is introducing themselves so that works! My name is Jenna Boswell and I'm a junior TV-R major with a video concentration! I transferred to IC in the fall after going to community college on Long Island for two years. I'm not really sure exactly what I want to do in the television field but I'm hoping either something with production or casting! I'm planning on studying in Los Angeles next Spring semester to get a better idea or what I truly want to do when I grow up. My favorite television shows are Community, Vampire Diaries, Parenthood, and The Office. I recently discovered the show Chuck and can't stop watching it! Theres something about a show with a Nerd Herd that is very appealing! Besides television I also love Broadway plays and musicals! Living a train ride away from NYC I've been spoiled by live theatre since I saw Phantom of the Opera in the eighth grade. Thats about it... See ya in the AM!


Hi everyone, my name is Alex Pickering and I'm a sophomore TVR major with a video production concentration. I don't know about anyone else but I got really excited when we got to mess around with the 700 cameras this morning. Some other stuff about me, I run track for Ithaca College, the 400 and 800 for anyone that has any track experience. I also will be producing a show this semester, The I-Scheme which is a spin off of IC Everywhere that will be showing a behind the scenes look into ICTV and IC Everywhere. So if anyone wants to help out feel free to sign up at rush night.

Eh why not i'll hop on the band wagon...

Hey everyone. My name is Corinne Theis and as was said by everyone else on this blog I am a TV-R major video concentration. Last semester I added a minor in Speech Communications, partly because it gives you a different perspective on how media effects people and the way people view things. I'm not really all that in to professional sports, although I don't mind playing a quick game of base/softball, soccer, tennis, whatever. I love all types of music, right now I really love listening to country (and yea i know i'll probably get some heat from that) and i'm not that big into rap or screamo. I'm not really sure what I want to do in the future, probably either act in or edit a tv show, but we'll see what happens.

Also I'm really involved with ICTV and have met some of the most amazing and wonderful people though it. ICTV is also having its Rush Night, and for the .01% that don't know what that means, it the night when all the shows have sign ups. I really think everyone should go and sign up to work on a show its a great experience.

I guess I'll do this too...??

I guess I'll introduce myself since a ton of other people did... so, hi, I'm Rhiannon Youngbauer! I'm a TV-R video concentration major, just like, eh, I guess, everyone? I just picked up a politics minor last semester, which is both super exciting and kind of a pain in the arse, but I guess that's what I get. Anyway I really love politics, and although I don't know EXACTLY what I want, I'm definitely narrowing it down to probablyyyyyy political television. Just makes sense.

When I'm not studying or trying to be a real person, I quite enjoy video blogging. I just started my own channel at the start of the new year (my new years resolution is to play more music!), and so if you're bored or need something with which to procrastinate and you feel as though Facebook is not even cutting it, take a look!!

That's all for now, kids. See you bright and early. :)

Hey Everyone!!!

Hey everyone, I'm Jamie, I prefer to be called Jay. I'm a sophomore TVR major with a concentration in video production and a minor in writing. I'm from Mullica Hill, NJ, and I'm a huge Phillies, Flyers, and Notre Dame fan. Eventually I'd like to be working for any major sports corporation, particularly ESPN. I love movies, and I'm always ready to talk about them.

I'm not really a morning person, especially if I haven't had my morning coffee, so please don't take it as a personal offense if I'm grumpy.

-Jamie "Jay" Tritschler


Whats good classmates, I'm Sean Yoo and i hate 8am classes. But i do like eating, sleeping and playing video games. I love eat fried chicken, pasta, definitely love eating Korean Food, Ice Cream, burritos, pizza, burgers, steak, and basically everything thing else this guy eats.
Umm, my favorite sport is basketball, love playing it, love watching it, love everything about it. I really like watching TV and movies, my favorite shows are probably The Office, Dexter, Modern Family, Entourage, Man Vs. Food, Jersey Shore, and my favorite movies in the past couple months or so are Inception, 127 Hours, Megamind, The Fighter. Yeah other than that, im just your average asian college student who enjoys to make people laugh. kinda like this guy.

But yeah thats me... PEACE, AND ONE LOVE.

Matt Walker

Hello fellow students! If you haven't guessed it my name is Matt Walker and I am a Sophomore from the Cuse. I am a huge Syracuse Basketball fan so feel free to talk to me about it, unless if they lose like they did against Seton Hall. I am a TV/R major with a video concentration. I have no idea what I want to do later in life but I like sports and I like TV, so a mixture of the two would be nice. All of my sports teams have been playing poorly recently so I am in a bad mood, plus the 8 AM class means I can be very cranky so you should probably avoid me.

Matt Walker

a friendly hello(:

Hello guys! My name is Leah Spencer and I am a sophomore TVR major with a video concentration. I am from Philadelphia (yay eagles?). Thats alright, Phillies spring training starts in a month. But anyway, I am a big fan of writing and photography as well as horseback riding annnnd hula hooping. Hopefully this time next year I will be studying abroad in Italy! Of course I am not quite sure what I want to do with my major but I still have time and it can lead me in all sorts of different directions. Hopefully, this summer I will be interning with NASDAQ in NYC. Exciting. Come up and say hi by the way. I'm not shy.


Hey guys, most of you already know who I am from being in multiple classes with me. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Marlee Pradichith (PRAH DUH CHIT). Of course, you have the option of just calling me by my first name, I'll know (Only on Wednesdays between the time of 7am and 9am and then every other day after that). I'm half Lao, not Chinese or Japanese, shocking, right?
Anyway, hopefully this summer I will be in NYC interning (if Will doesn't steal one from me) with something. In my junior year, I plan to go to London and study abroad. England is a place I've always wanted to go. Right now, I'm a sophomore TVR with a concentration in video production. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do, but I have time to figure it out.

This feels so archaic

1. Will Sisskind
2. Sophomore TV/R major, Video Prod concentration, Writing minor sort-of, interested in everything else
3. Wants to eventually work as a writer and/or director for Disney, then form his own offshoot like Jeffrey Katzenberg did with Dreamworks. (Except I probably won't milk the Shrek series for all it's worth. Shrek 4. What a shame.)
4. Interning in NYC over the summer. Where, not exactly sure. I did remember to rent my box early though. Homeless people are friendly realtors.
5. Every music is good music so long as people aren't screaming.
6. I should have written this last night.
7. Is anyone seriously still watching American Idol?

Hi guys, my name is Molly Boekenheide, and I’m a junior who transferred from Arcadia University this past semester. I’m a TV/R major with a concentration in video production and acting minor. I’m not really sure what I want specifically I want to do once I’m outside of school, but I’m leaning towards the something to do with the music industry. I love all kinds of music, but my favorites are classic and punk rock. If you see me around campus, feel free to come say hi. I would love to meet you!


Fiction Field Production: All About Me

Facebook Me

All About Me

Hello classmates, my name is Steve Kinslow and I am a Sophomore from Fairfield, NJ. I am a TV/R major and play on the varsity soccer team here at school. I'm not really sure what I want to do when I grow up but something along the lines of sports and TV would be cool. Sadly, I am a Mets/Jets fan, which only brings my stress level down in every season. If you see me around campus, don't be afraid to say hi. See you guys tomorrow


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cornell Cinema

I don't know how many of you guys have heard about this, but Cornell Cinema is a really good place to see some excellent films, both new and old. Last semester they played a whole bunch of Kurosawa films which was awesome. It only costs four dollars to see a movie and I know that you could probably watch a lot of the films they have on DVD from the library for free, but nothing beats watching a movie on a big screen. They also have other events; for example, last spring they had a band called the Books play there. It was really cheap and was a fantastic show with a questions and answers section at the end. I would recommend checking this place out.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Great team

The 10 that shook the media does that sound? (no pressure:-)

Friday, January 21, 2011

How to Do It

Welcome everyone!. The following project structure is intended to provide you with a methodology to be both specific and help you track the progress and meet your milestones. Since individual projects vary widely some points might not apply. However, you can use it as a roadmap to define/clarify your deliverables and go back to it frequently and methodically.

It has four distinct phases:


This phase helps you understand the big picture and the opportunity to achieve the main goals of your project; to take an idea from conception to completion in the most effective manner.

Brainstorming, sketch models, scenarios, analysis and feasibility assessments.

Define the requirements, scope, timeline, budget (your time and resources) and benchmarks for the project.

Requirements of Analysis:

  • Prioritize and validate requirements based on quality(1) and strategic factors
  • Determine success criteria and metrics
  • Define a preliminary list of production requirements.


  • Produce a final script with the discovery result.
  • Develop a high-level implementation plan. (storyboard)
  • Present a timeline and a budget estimate.


During this phase, create the look and feel of the solution (style). Develop the story requirements, the creative components, the technical design and infrastructure that supports the project.

Creative Design:

  • Storyline and character creation
  • Script
  • Storyboard
  • Art Direction
  • Audio Design
  • Production Design

Technical Design:

  • Equipment requirements
  • Set/backgrounds/location/plates
  • Lighting diagrams
  • Special efx design
  • Models, costumes and makeup


Develop and integrate all the creative, technical and information components.

Creative Production:

  • Location Scouting
  • Casting
  • Rehearsals
  • Graphics, 3D video/audio production needs
  • Technical integration

Technical Production:

  • Set design
  • Lighting
  • Cinematography
  • Sound
  • System testing
  • Problem resolution


Demonstrate the solution after all final specifications and testing results.

Live environment:

  • Projection
  • Audience Test performance and feedback
  • Implement promotion/communication strategies


That's all folks!

1-Quality: the true nature of things, the peculiar and essential character

All Illustrations custom made by Rich Powell