Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Concept car comercial

It is interesting that in 1998 when I made this comercial for RG/A (I was their Broadband Creative Director then), GM had already presented a high efficiency hybrid, which even utilized video cameras in lieu of mirrors (to minimize drag). The car named Triax never made it to the production line of course. Maybe now?

The unusual thing about this particular commercial is that it was made entirely on a Mac, nothing new now, but then RG/A worked exclusively with multimillion dollar Silicon Graphics machines and "black box" software such as Inferno etc. which was not sustainable even then, given the high operating costs of both hardware and human operators.

To see this video please click the YouTube icon and choose the "watch in high quality" toggle that pops up (HQ), otherwise it is artifact hell!

To see it in a bigger size you can go here, but again, make sure you toggle high quality on.