Thursday, April 9, 2015


Hey everyone, for my blog this week I thought it might be cool to show you all the films for the FLEFF Festival this weekend! There are a tone of very well made films from all over the worked and if you can you should try and make it to some! The one that I am looking forward to the most is a prison film called "15 to Life Kenneth's Story". 
100,000 stray dogs live on the island of Puerto Rico. When 80 were dropped off a bridge, outrage ensued; w/director Juan Agustin Marquez

The Amazing Catfish

A young woman connects with the family of an older woman who she meets in a hospital. Pathos and humor ensue; w Cinema Tropical's Carlos Gutierrez.


The effects of fracking on the lives of five people, who live in five different states; w/filmmaker Deia Schlosberg.

Bad Hair

A young man, living in a Caracus tenement, decides to straighten his curly hair, causing his mother to panic; w/Cinema Tropical's Carlos Gutiérrez.

Big Men

Global capitalism and the unrelenting quest for oil in the poorest places on earth.

Brazilian Short Films

A program of cutting edge Brazilian short films, programmed by Kino Lorber's Rodrigo Brandao.

Brunello Cucinelli: A New Philosophy of Clothes

What can a contemporary, profit-driven, luxury, Italian fashion brand learn from the luminaries of European philosophy? w/filmmaker David LaRocca.

Concerning Violence

The writings of Frantz Fanon as narration to newly uncovered archival footage of 1960s and 70s anti colonial struggles.

Constance Cook: A Woman Ahead of Her Time

Biopic of the Republican Assemblywoman who led the fight to decriminalize abortion in New York State in 1970; w/filmmaker Sue Perlgut.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology: The Sagebrush Sea

w/ members of production team.


Chinese independent film about cotton production in Xinjiang Province; w dGenerate film's Karin Chien.

The Crowd

The life of a man and woman bound together in a large, impersonal metropolis--their hopes and struggles; w/live music by Cloud Chamber Orchestra.

15 to Life: Kenneth's Story

In 2000, 14 year Kenneth Young was sentenced to life without parole for his part in four armed robberies, guaranteeing that he would die in prison.

Finding Fela

A big-hearted film about the musical creator of Afrobeat and his revolutionary politics, by Academy Award winning director Alex Gibney.


The difficult life of an internal Chinese migrant, who makes his living as a busker on streets and in subways; w/Karin Chien from dGenerate Films


An examination of Ukraine and the rest of Europe's dependance on natural gas from Russia, and the political and economic consequences.


A witty and charming dramedy about the 1999 Mexico City student demonstrations and Bob Dylan's tears.

Hollywood Habitats

A panel of invited guests: filmmakers, distributors, and other friends of the fest. Moderated by Steve Ginsberg.

Hurt: An Award Winning Short Play

A disgruntled Balkan-born adjunct professor who lost his job is at the end of his rope. Can he be saved by two women? w/playwright and cast talkback


Sumptuous film, tracks a journey across the US, which explored the ecological design concept of permaculture; w/the filmmaker & special guests.

Just Eat It

Award winning film about food waste, guaranteed to shock and awe. Sponsored by Tompkins County Solid Waste Management Division.

L Word Mississippi: Hate the Sin

Difficulties faced by gay women in the deep south; w/fimmaker Lauren Lazin.

The Last Colony

Puerto Rico became a U.S. colony after an 1898 invasion, and it remains one to this day. What should its status be? w/filmmaker Juan Agustín Márquez.

Miners Shot Down

South African police used live ammunition to brutally suppress a miners strike killing 34 and injuring many more.

Naturalist Outreach Films

Scientifically accurate engaging, and beautiful shorts to inspire young scientists to understand nature;w/ Dr. Linda Rayor, Carol Jennings, & students

Source - PREMIER

Three performers explore human and animal movement in the lush waterscapes of Six Mile Creek to reveal the intricate ecology of Ithaca's water source.

Sunday Ball

An annual favela soccer championship takes place in the shadow of 2014 World Cup's Maracana Stadium, marked by precise play and infectious enthusiasm

The Torrent

Greta Garbo's American silent film debut in a role that launched her storied career; w/live music performed by Fe Nunn and friends.

Tupac Resurrection

Academy Award winning biopic of the legendary 1990s rapper Tupac Shakur; w/filmmaker Lauren Lazin.

Upstate Filmmakers Showcase

A selection of films from upstate New York's finest filmmakers.

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