Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ask me anything

Ask me anything….

First off.. what a movie. Just kidding, but on a real note, this movie wasn't as bad as I excepted. I was searching through netflix and wanted to watch something I've never seen before. And what I took away from this movie was more than I thought when reading the description. How are you supposed to feel about a movie based on some chicks sex life? I mean some people would go nuts for it, literally nuts. But hey, too each his own right? But anyways. This movie left me hanging. The ending made me so mad I had to write this blog post. First, let me explain a little bit about this movie. And Yes, Im probably going to spoil it so if you decide to watch this movie. I am truly am sorry and you should stop reading this. Moving on, This movie was based on a destructive girl who writes/blogs about her sex life and what she is going through.. anonymously.

As she starts this blog, she keeps getting more views, more comments, more attention etc. etc. This girl has a drunken father and a mother with a fianc√© that she isn't too fond of, until he sticks up for her to her boyfriend in one scene. This girl has gone through a lot. She was mallested by an older neighbor and she believes maybe that is the root to her promiscuity and like for older men. All the guys she seams to go after are 1. Older and 2. has a gf or a wife. Both a little bit risky to be messing with. After finding out that she is pregnant and really not sure exactly who the father is, she decides to seek help from her previous boss, who seemed to be kind, gentle and caring. After talking with him there is a scene of her deciding to stop blogging and just live her life. Then randomly, it is a woman talking about her missing daughter. This jump confused the shit out of me. Like she was about to get her life together and now she is gone? And all you know is that she got a call from a private caller and drove off. Is she dead? is she alive? did she keep the baby? did her love affair cause this? What in the world happened to this character that the audience is rooting for. Im just upset how that ended. iTs like they want the viewers to pull their hair out and be wondering forever what happened this girl. Unfortunately none of those answers can be answered. And maybe I'm  just missing something but I am very disappointed in the ending. If they wanted to leave it at a cliff hanger they shoulfve gave a little more information so people can solve it. But anyways, that is all I have for this week. If you want to watch an "interesting' movie. Take a look on netflix. If not, you aren't missing much.

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