Thursday, April 16, 2015


This neflix original series is not a must see, but if you need something to bindge watch with some family drama this is the series for you.

At the beginning of the first episode, it reveals a key important event. It shows on of the brothers John lighting a boat on fire with his other brother Danny's body laying in it. As the brother swims away, it bursts into flames. You don't know why this absurd thing is happening all you know is that it happened. As the story progresses you realize that John is the reliable one in the family. He is dependable and always wanted to keep the peace. Danny is the misfit of the family, and feels very unwanted at his families place. Throughout the episodes you feel bad for Danny and wonder why is father hates him so much. You see Danny wanted to feel welcome and good about himself and being apart of the family.

You just want him to live a normal life. However, when things seam to go right in his life, I automatically thing about the first scene, where his brother kills him. You know the fate of this character but hope that it was just a dream. Although I still  don;t know why John kills Danny, I hope that it is not true even though most defiantly is.

This series is very dramatic and will sure to keep you on your toes. Most of the drama surrounds Danny but it is not all his fault. Despite him being the family "disappointment" you can see that all he wants to do is be accepted into his family and start his life over. There are a lot of things preventing him from doing so and it is sad to see that happen. Everyone in the family has their flaws and even though that is the case they always still seem to blame Danny and it is so unfortunate. I love series that really gets in depth with a character and  make you feel for the them. It brings you closer to the seres I  feel like and it almost feels like you know them. But anyways, This  is a good series and if you have nothing to watch on Netflix, I totally recommend diving into this families issues.

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