Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Teen Wolf Season 5: WHAT IS HAPPENING???

 Teen Wolf is known for its very mysterious promos, but having not seen anything since fall, fans have been craving something. During the MTV Movie Awards, we were awarded a teaser about the upcoming Villains of the season. The video is a series of quick shots with an unidentified voice saying "the doctors will see you now." There has also been another short teaser that shows the words "Watch Your Pack," and the P in pack melts into a B. The melting words are a theme in these two promos and I'm not sure if they mean anything, but they have a cool effect.

Basically, we still have no idea what's going on, we just know that there's going to be doctors and needles and our lovely damsel and Banshee, Lydia, in a hospital bed. The fandom has taken to twitter and tumblr in a tizzy, and no one feels safe. How are our most beloved characters going to survive this next new set of villains? Remember, trust no one, seeing as Stiles was basically a villain once, too. Fans are anxious. And of course, as always, they're yelling at Jeff Davis (I'm still not sure if they actually hate him, or if they just like saying that he's the devil.) and trying to piece together what the hell could be happening.

Everyone has their predictions, I've even seen people thinking that they've heard someone referencing the late Allison Argent. I don't doubt that some serious teen wolf experts have an actual clue, but I can't imagine anyone actually knows what they're in for during this next season of teen wolf. There is one thing that everyone is very well aware of at this point:

No more Derek Hale (as a series regular, anyway).

Jeff Davis announced that Tyler Hoechlin is leaving the show to pursue a career in movies. He said that they discussed this creatively and agreed that 'Teen Wolf' should get back to focusing on the actual teens in the show. Fortunately, though he will not be a big part of season five, we can expect appearances from him in the future. "We have not seen the last of Derek Hale," says Davis. That doesn't mean fans are at all pleased with his leaving.

We're going to be tortured with a whole new set of villains, and the pack isn't going to be able to turn to Derek for knowledge. He was definitely a fan favourite, and now everyone is a little worried.

So, What's in store for us?

I have absolutely no idea.

(I'm just really glad we still have Scott, Stiles, and Lydia.)

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