Thursday, April 23, 2015

'Wilfred' Final Season

Wilfred started as an Australian TV series, and this is the American remake that premiered on FX and FXX.  I watched the first three seasons of Wilfred on Netflix, and the last episode of season three finished with a big cliff hanger. When I saw that they added the final season, it felt bittersweet.  I wish I had more time to see the rest of the epiosdes!  The final season is ten episodes, that are supposed to wrap up this series. For anyone who hasn't watched this show it's about Ryan [Elijah Wood]; a neurotic, depressed man who in the pilot tries to commit suicide by drinking a cup full of mixed pills and cough syrup.  It doesn't kill and him he ends up waking up to a new neighbor, Jenna [Fiona Gubelmann] moving in next door. She asked him to watch her dog Wilfred [Jason Gann].  Ryan sees Wilfred as an Australian man in a dog costume but everyone else sees Wilfred as just a dog.

Check out these clips to get a feel for this show:     

I hope that they will fully explain how Wilfred is the way he is.  I really hope that Ryan isn't going crazy and that Wilfred is just pranking him.
If you don't get used to Wilfred's character after the pilot you proabably won't enjoy this show.
I rate this show 7.2/10; I find this show consistently funny! The chemistry between the two are great.

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