Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What time is it ???? Adventure Time !!!!!

Adventure time, 
C'mon, grab your friends, 
We'll go to very distant Lands 
With Jake the Dog, 
And Finn the Human, 
The Adventures'll never end, 
It's Adventure Time!

I have forgotten all the shows that provide me happiness throughout the stressful life of a college student. Adventure time is my escape from the real world, and into the imaginative world of Fin and Jake.

Adventure Time is an animated children's television that aired on cartoon network in 2010.  The series was created by Pendleton Ward.  The series is about a human body Fin and his adoptive dog/best friend/brother Jake. Jake is no ordinary dog, he has the ability to change shape, grow or shrink as he pleases.

According to Ward a single episode takes almost eight to nine month to draft , storyboard and complete, however multiple episodes are worked on at the same time.

Although the shows, run for about 11 minutes each they bring extreme laughter and developing stories to the table. It has been running for five seasons , currently in it's sixth and already renewed for it's seventh.

It's exciting to think that this 11 minute show is so to be considered for a feature-length film. For there are never enough episode to satisfy the boredom I go through when I have nothing to do for the summer.

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