Thursday, December 13, 2012

Video Mapping

While I was picking my classes for next semester, I stumbled upon a course called “Experimental video”. I talked to the professor more in depth about it and learned about all different types of filmmaking we’d learn in the course. This sparked my interest almost immediately when she mentioned one type of example, video mapping.

Video mapping is a projection technique that that display an image on any type of surface. For example this past summer while I was in Atlantic City, a building I was walking by looked like the bricks were falling off. There was a huge crowd watching and we quickly realized this image was being projected from somewhere.The images matched the building perfectly so it looked pretty legit. There were also random shapes of all colors on it dancing around to a beat. It was something I’ve never seen before. 

These projections can create fields of depth and optical illusions all matched with music. The possibilities are endless and it’s definitely a very cool and innovative entertainment technique. This is now starting to show in everyday places like Time square and other advertisements in big cities. Next time you’re out, try to see if you can find one.

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