Friday, December 14, 2012

the reason I went into making movies

when I was younger I was quite the handful for my mother i refused to take naps or sit still or behave. the one thing that my mom found could give her some rest was if she turned on the television. this was a struggle for my mom because she detested television for some motherly reason I will never understand.

the problem with television was it had comercial and urring commercials I was back to running around breaking things.

so my mom started to get movies for me to watch.  i must have watched 2-3 movies a day starting from 4 years old up until high school when i got much busier

There was one movie i saw in 6th grade that changed my perception of movies it was The Royal Tennebaums directed by wes anderson. it was the first time i realized a movie could be multi layered  it could be funny and sad and provocative and complicated. visually beautiful yet hard to watch.

I watched it when I was very young so i re watched it every few months to this day and i notice something else and get more out of it ever time. when i realized this i realized how much a movie could be and i wanted to tell storys that way.

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