Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bones Camera Movements

So on the last episode of Bones, they decided to use a very interesting camera view for the entirety of the episode. They had found a skeleton in a green house and as they were investigating it, you saw it as if we were the skull looking at the characters. At first I thought this would only last a few minutes. Oh boy was I wrong. It ended up lasting all 44 minutes of the show. This POV camera movement was quite interesting in the fact that this is the first time they had done something like this.

Now don't get me wrong, I thought it was pretty cool and interesting how they decided to make it in the eyes of the victim rather than a God's Eye View over the entirety of the episode. It truly put an artistic feel on the episode and made it as if we were the victim and how the characters became emotionally involved because the victim ended up being a 14 year old. Using this type of camera "angle" made the episode much more dramatic and brought the characters true feelings out into the open during a case that they became emotionally compromised in.

I liked this idea of using this camera POV and I wish that more television shows would do it because it truly shows the emotions and characteristics of the characters in the television show.

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