Friday, December 14, 2012

The Black and Blue

There is an excellent website that I can spend hours upon hours on, and no it is not facebook. And it's not tumblr or IMDb either. It's a website called the Black and Blue.
This is a site that was started by an AC for ACs, cinematographers, anyone who wants to know more a
bout the camera department, or anyone who wishes to break into the industry. I've known about this site for a few months now, but I still find myself going through article after article finding some really valuable information.
Evan Luzi, the writer of the blog, first started out as a 2nd AC on a low-budget film called "Ghosts Don't Exist. After this experience he has worked on multiple features such as "Below the Beltway" and "Red Herring." He has also worked with some of the most advanced cameras in the industry and tends to prefer the Arri Alexa.
Evan's blog is both very informative and highly entertaining. I like his stories of when he has succeeded, but I especially like his stories from times that he has failed like on 'Ghosts Don't Exist' when he made a fool of himself by turning the bottle of compressed air upside down and spraying it in his DP's ear because the 1st AC told him it would be funny... Obviously, this ended very badly, but he shares all of his experiences good and bad and I appreciate that.
Some of the popular topics on the website include Behind the Lens, Camera Assisting, Cameras, Getting Work, Industry News, Toolkit, and Production Stories. Within either of these topics, you are surely going to find an article that will interest you and from that article, you'll find another and so on and so forth.
 This is a fantastic website and I highly recommend it.

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