Thursday, February 19, 2015

'Real World: Skeletons' The 30th Season

I haven't watched a lot of MTV shows in the past few years, but the other day I was looking through Hulu and came across the new season of The Real World. I thought I would give it a try because during my teen years I used to enjoy other seasons of The Real World and it has been a while since I watched reality TV.

Many of us are familiar with the premise of The Real World, where a group of people that don't know each other live in the same house for serval months while it is documented by an MTV crew. This show starts with seven new roommates who all seem like they just want to have a good time, even though they might not get along with each other all the time. What is new about this season is that  after the first few episodes where the roommates get to somewhat know each other; MTV starts bringing a "Skeleton" from one of the cast member's past. A "Skeleton" in the show has pretty much been a person that would be one of the last people you would ever want to see again, that shows up to the house and typically, immediately starts new drama!
MTV is trying to create more drama by bringing in a house guest that they know the cast will not be happy to see.  As entertaining as this show is I feel like it has to be scripted or the producers tell the cast members what to do to some extent.  What I find weird about this season is that there seems to be a phone in the house that is a connect line to the producers, several times a cast member will pick up the phone and complain to the producers which feels weird while watching a reality TV show.  Also it seems a little set up the way the cast members talk about something and then what they were speculating actually happens moments after, this could be just the way it is edited but I still believe the cast members know more about what is going on then they lead you to believe.  I decided to keep watching the show because it is entertaining and I watched enough episodes where I want to see what happens next as well as see how the cast will survive the "Skeletons".

I'm not going to rate this show on a scale because I feel like you watch this show to be entertained and can't really take this show too seriously.

If you love drama, cat fights, raw emotions, and reality TV then this show would be the one for you!

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