Monday, February 16, 2015

50 shades of Grey breaks historical records

The phenomenon of 50 shades of grey is breaking about to break historical records. It has the biggest box-office opening in history for female directors. According to the Hollywood Reporter the movie brought in  248.7 million dollars around the world in its the opening days. So, lets put this into perspective. The hit movie series Twilight was a phenomenon of its time as well as Frozen made around 67-70 million dollars. it is more than double what Twilight made. Crazy right? and In the short amount of time.

If you live in a box and do not know what 50 shades is all about it is an exotic "love" story. It is based on the book written by E L James. Anastasia Steele encounters the intimidating entrepreneur, Christian Grey. Ana catches the eye of the young man candy millionaire. When Grey reveals his darker side of himself to her, Ana is left to make a huge decision. Grey intrigues her unlike the other men in her life and she feels drawn to him. Grey is consumed by his fantasies and his need for control. Despite his demons, Ana continues to see Grey. They both impact each others lives in ways they never thought were possible. This thrilling and exotic series sold over 100 million copies and is part of a series and also spent 100 weeks on the New York best seller list. I was unsure how the fans of the book were going to react to the movie. Usually when movies are based on a book, fans of the book are often disappointed. According to rotten tomatoes, 50 % of people who saw the movie like it and the average rating is a 3/5. The average critic ratings were a 4.2/ 10. The numbers surprised me however, because I thought with all the hype this movie was getting it would at least get better reviews. However, I am not surprised the audience is feeling that way. It is defiantly hard creating a good movie in a certain amount of time with so much detail as the book had. Overall this movie is not only breaking records but breaking hearts with the thrilling and famous, Christian Grey. 


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