Tuesday, February 10, 2015

First Episode of The Newsroom

The Newsroom is a television show that premiered in 2012 that depicts an interesting inside look of a newsroom for a very popular fictional news network. The creator, Aaron Sorkin, created the episodes around actual news events that were occurring in the country at the time. The show stars actor Jeff Daniels who plays the lead news anchor and has an outrageous, stubborn personality.
The first episode of The Newsroom was full of controversial topics and intense scenes that pulled you in right from the beginning. In addition to this, this show is identified as a comedy as well and it definitely contains comic elements that make you laugh out loud. In this episode, the first 10 minutes were the most powerful, because of the speech he made about why America was not the best country in the world. This sparked contrasting reactions from people that witnessed the episode, because he really went off on the government and how we are not as great as we used to be. This speech rang a harsh truth in many people's ears that they didn't necessarily want to hear. It created a conflict in the show that you were intrigued by and made you want to continue watching so you can find our the answer to it. In addition to this conflict there are many love conflicts that arise. One between the main character and his new producer that was an old flame, and a love triangle between the secretary and two guys that work for the station. These conflicts that are presented right away make everyone interested in the story and the dialogue. The Newsroom is definitely shot beautifully and the lighting is mostly natural from the windows and very bright. The shots include a lot of close ups and pans of the studio, and they undertake the feeling of the chaotic studio structure very well. The Newsroom is definitely a show that I want to continue watching and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to find a great show to see. 

            Here's the video of this great speech. 

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