Thursday, February 12, 2015

Final Part of Time Traveling Trilogy 'Back to the Future Part III' Review

After recently watching Back to the Future Part I & II, I naturally wanted to see the final part of an enjoyable trilogy. One thing I wish I hadn't seen was the theatrical trailer for Back to the Future Part III; that was forced upon the viewer right after the Part II movie, before the credits rolled. The reason is that after seeing Back to the Future Part III, I soon realized the trailer showed most of the best scenes and lines from the movie.

Here is the Trailer for anyone that is interested: 

Back to the Future Part III's conflicts are pretty similar to the first two parts, and this film has a goofier and kind of cheesier feel to it as well.  If someone just watched Part III without watching the first two films, I can't imagine anyone liking it nearly as much.  The main reason being that this film plays off fan favorite parts from the other two films. Especially the over used catchy line said by, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) & good pal, Emmett Lathrop "Doc" Brown (Christopher Lloyd).  They both say "Great Scott!" multiple times throughout all three parts.           

I do believe the ending of this trilogy was satisfying for anyone that saw all three parts. 

I would rate Back to the Future Part III: 7.2/10.  

Part three was no where nearly as good as parts one and two. I wish they made the third parts story and conflicts not so similar to what we have already seen in the previous two films. I guess the franchise went with the,"if it aint broke, don't fix it" strategy.  Rating wise though Back to the Future Part III, received a rating of 73% from Rotten Tomatoes, compared to the 96% that Back to the Future Part I was given.

Overall this is a great trilogy.  I enjoy the balance of thrill and drama with the right mixture of comedy and that is one thing all of these films did real well.  If somehow someone never saw any of these films, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND seeing the Original!  

If I just saw Back to the Future Part III without seeing the first two installments I would rate the film: 3.5/10.  You need to see these films in order to fully understand and enjoy the ride of this popular time traveling trilogy. 

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