Thursday, February 5, 2015

The rise of Netflix

Netflix is sure uping the antis with increasing its number of "netflix original series" with the success of orange is the new black. Netflix is sure being smart and creating their very own market. 

Now that Netflix has its own series, it is really putting a stress on TV networks. More and more people are turning to Netflix, hulu and other online streaming sites. What is next to come? Hulu original series? If networks were smart they would be doing the same thing and creating a place to stream their shows easier and more efficient. If its cheaper, people will sure flock to their site.
In 2015, Netflix will be releasing 9 new original sees and I'm sure there is more to come. Instead of wanting to work for a station, I much rather work for Netflix or Hulu with the rate this is going. 

Not only is Netflix spreading across the United States, but it is also spreading around the word. Soon it will be launching in Japan in the fall as well. Currently Netflix is the WORLDS leading TV network with over 57 million members and over 50 countries. It is crazy to think about. I know where I want to apply when I graduate.


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