Thursday, February 12, 2015


For any fans of the crime/law side of entertainment, this could very well be the show for you. Set in Charleston, S.C, the show centered around Jamie sawyer (a Chicago-born litigator) and Roy Rayder (a Southern city attorney), as they clash inside and out of the courtroom. Though there were various court cases throughout the season, the show mainly focused on their opposing cases about a police sex scandal, while trying to hide their own intense attraction to each other.

The show aired from June 2014 to September 2014, only having one season. When it was not picked up for a second season, it was released to Netflix. Many fans, original and later from Netflix, were baffled as to why the series got cut, even though it was a very well done show. Some seem to think it was because the series was poorly advertised from the beginning. I personally love the show. I think it was well written, and had cliffhangers that left you intrigued instead of frustrated at the end. My favorite character was Jamie Sawyer. I loved how her quick witted, Northern sass clashed with Roy Rayder's Southern gentleman personality. She is a character that when she set her mind to something, she went after it full force. She was also always impeccably dressed, which is something I admired.

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