Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Bates Motel

For all you scary movie/thrill seeking enthusiast I got a show for you. The bates motel seasons 1 and 2 are now on Netflix. this series is based off of the award winning movie Psycho. 

This show follows Norman Bates and his family through a strange and interesting adventure. Normans sanity is questioned a lot more in the second season and you can start to see the transformation into the "psycho" that he truly is. In season 1, his gentle and kind nature didn't seem to match who he was when he was older in the movie. The questionable relationship between his mother, Norma and Norman himself was the only thing that I could see that would push him over the edge. Even though that is still the case in the second season, his blackouts and misbehaviors tell a different story. This strange yet thrilling series defiantly keeps you on your toes. You want to feel for norman, yet at the same time you know some of things he does is wrong. Is he this kind and gentle person really? Or is just the psychopath pretending to be all those things. I guess I will have to see when this story progresses. 

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