Thursday, February 26, 2015

Have a problem? Better call Saul!

Was breaking bad your breaking point? Don’t worry, call Saul he can help! 

Better call Saul is a spin-off series that is centered around Breaking Bad's fan-favorite, Saul Goodman. This series is a lighter series than breaking bad and more comedic. It hits the fan base of breaking bad and a whole other fan base for people who thought Breaking bad was a little too much for them. If you have yet to see 'Better Call Saul' I would recommend starting to binge watch it over spring break to catch up. The 5th episode begins march 2nd, so you have plenty of time to catch up. Currently 'Better call Saul' has 90% Audience satisfaction on Rotten tomatoes and the average ratting is an 4/5. The fans are gobbling up all they can from this new hit series. Saul wasn't always the Saul Goodman we have grown to love. You can see him grow, learn and form into the manipulative, quirky, greedy lawyer we all know.

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