Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mad Men

Mad Men is a AMC show created by Mathew Weiner back in 2007. Since its air back in 07, the show has been very popular, winning countless awards including 4 Golden Globes and 15 Emmy's. My Personal view on the show corresponds with the general public; I love it.

The show takes place in New York City and takes its views into a 1960's advertisement agency called "Sterling Cooper" which is a fictional company designed for the show. 

 The show follows many characters through countless different conflicts but its main character Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm  is in my opinion the most interesting. He is in the first season a business man working for the agency, but quickly gets promoted to partner by the end of the first season. His character is a very intelligent and unorthodox salesmen that does not like loosing.
Don Draper also is victim to treating women poorly like many men of this time period did. Women's rights were more limited at this point in time and it is strongly reflected in the show. the Women characters are all viewed as inferior to the men of the show. We get a direct view of the differences in the Draper household. Don's wife Betty,  played by January Jones, doesn't have any power unless she consults with Don first. If she does something with out asking him first then he often gets mad. The other female characters in the show are also viewed as a lesser to men.

While the women in Mad Men don't have much power in the show, their character often have the largest impact on the viewers. In my opinion the women in the show are extremely powerful because, as young adult, I have never known a world where women weren't equal to men (or at least considered to be). Women in our time period have all the same rights and also occupy many of the same jobs as men which would been outrageous to think of back in the 1960's.

Mad Men in my opinion is one of the best shows currently on TV. It is a very unique story isn't over-dramatic. I find it to be the perfect mix between a soap opera and a drama. If you don't watch Mad Men, I highly recommend you start. 

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