Thursday, March 5, 2015

My guilty pleasure

Return of Vampire diaries beings March 12. Now, some people have a problem with vampire and werewolves considering we see so many similar stories nowadays. However, I must admit Vampire diaries and the Originals are my guilty pleasure. If you haven't heard of the originals it is understandable. But, The vampire diaries have been on for years and continue to go strong. The originals is a spin off of vampire diaries focusing on the original vampire family, the Michealson's. Claus, known to be the cruelest, heartless bastard of the family gets a werewolf Haley; who was introduced in the vampire diaries, pregnant. 

This unheard of pregnancy with a immortal vampire and werewolf was defiantly a plot twist in the story. It makes the baby… a miracle, or some would say curse. The Michealson's were not aware of their family curse at first. The first born in every generation of the family if supposed to be an offered sacrifice. The Michealson's have to send away their baby and attempt to fake her death to save her. Alliances form and the stakes get higher for the community in New Orleans. 

New orleans is the home of vampires, warewolves, witches and even non-sumernatural people. The communities have overlapped and have had peace for the most part.  But the continuous power struggle between these groups is an on going problem. There are a few power hungry people that get in the way of true peace in New Orleans. Every side has their story,  their goals and at least one person who want to ruin the peace for their selfish reasons. Everyone wants to claim New Orleans as their home and will do anything to up the antis if necessary. 

I cannot wait for more of this story to unravel and find out if klaus can be the loving father we all know he is capable of. You can see with Klaus's character that he is changing and evolving from the evil vampire he was in the Vampire Diaries to now. He wasn't always a murderous blood thirsty killer, but a person who was dealt an unfortunate hand. He had an abusive, unloving father named Nick, who was plotting klaus's death. In every waking moment Nick obsessed over destroying Klaus. Klaus was the result of his mothers unfaithfulness. I feel for this character in a way. Despite his cruelness in the past. I hope to see him in a different light in the seasons to come. But hey, he will always be the misfit of the family and that truly defines him as a character. Tune in on the CW to watch what happens and who comes out on top.

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