Thursday, March 26, 2015

MTV's late night show 'Broke A$$ Game Show'

When browsing through shows to watch on TV, I came across this show called Broke A$$ Game Show and was curious as to what this show was about.  This show doesn't fit the usual mold for an MTV show or gameshow!  This show takes place in the streets of New York City, following two guys I had never heard of named David Magidoff and Derek Gaines, who are  very entraining.
These guys go around looking to give people money, sometimes as little as $10, but not usually more than $200.  The contestants have to "earn" the money, but it can be as simple as knowing what the name of the game is called.
Sometimes the contestents don't always understand how easy it is to "win", it's funny seeing the contestants facial expressions since they look confused.
One of my favorite things they made people do for money was clipping a tail on strangers without them knowing:
Here is the clip to get a feel for this show

This show is okay but I wouldn't watch it unless I was flipping through the channels and nothing else was really on.  I would rate this show a 5/10: anyone who wants a quick paced show that they can watch for some entertainment would like this show.  

I wouldn't recommend this show to a friend... 

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