Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Fosters

Okay, I have so much to say about this show. But, what I want to start with is the fact that it is so important. For those of you who don't know it, it's an abc Family TV show, focusing on the life of Callie Jacob, portrayed by Maia Mitchell, and her life in the foster system in the past, and the founding of her and her brother, Jude's (Hayden Byerly), forever family. So What? 
I knew when I started watching it that it was already striking major political sensitivities, seeing as the parents of the foster family were two females. I was so up for that, a lesbian couple being shown from a normal family stand point, showing that it was no different whether someone's parents were straight or gay. I was hooked on that, I had no idea that it was going to end up being so much more.
But let me tell you, the lesbian parents was just the base of the complicated, progressive show that has become The Fosters. It points out faults in the foster system, deals with rape, it portrays criminal teens in a new light, sheds light on relationships having ups and downs and not being completely perfect to be good, showed a transgender teen trying to go through a change and struggling, it stands the hell up for feminism, and gives a shout out to the young LGBT community for people who think they're "too young" to know who they do and don't like, and shows how the coming out process can be difficult for these teens. There are those and so much more, I could probably go on for days. This show is so ground breaking, it's so important in a world that's trying to be more progressive. I really hope younger viewers are paying attention. Because this show has everything that I want in the world. The most recent episodes are really hitting the nail on the head. They've raised controversy over having two thirteen year old boys kiss and somewhat pursue a relationship, slashed sexist views with a knife, and nicely wrapped up a story line that had been going on since the beginning of the series.
The relationship of Jude and Connor, portrayed by Gavin MacIntosh, has been a long time coming. They started out as friends and just progressed beautifully as the two of them discovered feelings stirring within each other. There were some downs, some fights and arguments, and Connor's father telling him they can't be friends, but it still made it to this point.
I think that this could have a powerful impact on young people in the LGBT community. It shows they aren't alone, and they it's okay to be who they are. It could also show people who don't necessarily understand, how much these teens struggle because of people like them who refuse to accept them for who they are. Whether the relationship lives on, or the two remain friends, I still think the fact that they are both at terms with who they are is a really important thing for the show to have. 
The next thing I was cheering for was Mariana's, portrayed by Cierra Ramirez, slam on sexist views. When Emma, a member of her dance team, decided she had to quit because she didn't want to be treated differently for acting sexy, Mariana didn't let it go. She says "I know you say that's how things are supposed to be, but no, I don't accept that. If things aren't the way they're supposed to be, then you have to change them," when confronted with the idea that girls can only be one way or another. She just shuts it down, not for a second letting her friend believe the way boys are leading her to believe. This is great because it's time to show girls that they can be whatever they want to be, that they should do what makes them happy instead of what they're "supposed" to do or how they're "supposed" to act. I'd really like to see more of this happening. 
Finally, the recent episodes finally let Callie deal with her demons. She finally got justice and was able to put her rapist behind bars. No, not for rape, but still so he couldn't hurt her or any other girls ever again. It was a long time coming and it finally happened, I can almost taste the beautiful justice. 
This show is very important to society right now. Everyone, even if they don't watch it, should get behind it's views. They're so kick ass, and could really make the world a better place. It really is amazing and it's already impacted me so much, I can't wait for future episodes and seasons. This show is so important. 

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