Thursday, March 19, 2015

Man Seeking Woman

    Everyone should try Man Seeking Woman, a new comedy series on FXX. It's the weirdest and most unique show on television right now and is an interesting blend of romantic comedy and surreal story telling. 

    The show is created by Simon Rich, an SNL writing alum and Pixar staff writer before his 30th birthday, and based off his book The Last Girlfriend on Earth. The show stars Jay Baruchel, of This is the End and How To Train Your Dragon, who plays helpless lovetorn loser Josh Greenberg. Supporting cast include Eric Andre, of the already hyper weird Eric Andre Show, and Britt Lower, who plays Josh's overachieving and over-supportive sister. 
The pilot begins with Josh being dumbed by his girlfriend of six years. It only gets weirder after that.
     The first episode Josh goes on a blind date. As thoughts and concerns creep into his head that maybe this girl his sister set him up with will be ugly. Turns out his blind date is a troll. Not an ugly girl, an actual troll.

      The show isn't surreal like the Twilight Zone, it's unique. Instead of all the characters thinking it scary or strange that there's a troll present, everyone thinks it's completely normal. It's the opposite in fact, everyone thinks it's very rude that Josh is so opposed to a date with a troll. Later in the episode everyone gives Josh a hard time that he is uncomfortable with being at a party with Hitler. Like real Hitler; he's 126 years old. 

    It's the surreality that makes the show incredibly unique. It does watch a little like a book reads, the scene changes dramatically and all the characters are completely on board with that. This creates for a lot of heightened drama for a romantic comedy. In one episode Josh's mother tortured him ala 24, in another Cupid is going into rehab.

     The show is well produced and has attracted big name comedy guests for such a little known show, such as Bill Hader, Vanessa Bayer, and Tim Heidecker. The directors are important tv comedy directors, Jonathon Krisel and Ben Berman. Simon Rich clearly has the respect for his peers and it's no wonder; the show is new and creative and different than anything else.

     The performances are great and the show seeks the general in the strange particulars. The characters are relatable and emphatic even in such strange situations. I think the show is something audience should keep an eye on, as network tv starts to fall shows will become more personalized. Maybe this show is just for me but it's something everyone should test out. It's a hodgepodge of shows and styles and executes them all incredibly. It's theme, man seeking woman, is relatable to the core.


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