Thursday, March 19, 2015

Green screen sweeping the nation

With the technology that we have in todays society there is a lot of cool things people can do to make their vision come to life. I never really noticed how many shows were shot in a green screen. Not only you can create a virtual set but It also can be an easier way to get the shot you desire. Green screen is also a budget saver because if you are shooting something that is "on the moon" you don't actually have to go there or try to mimic it by creating it. All you have to do is have an image or a video to put it behind the subject, and they are there! Badabing badaboom.

Technology is truly amazing and the capabilities that we have achieved in the film industry has created a whole different playing field with films then the past. We went from silent films to what we have now. 

Films and Tv shows need to be visually pleasing and sometimes getting permission to shoot in a specific area is impossible so the next best thing or even the better thing is doing it in green screen. After watching this video ( It amazed me how many shows and films used a green screen for things you wouldn't even think of having, Just a single scene was shot in green screen from Ugly Betty and it just made me realize that everything is shot in green screen. It is just crazy how you would think that it is just on the street of NYC but in reality, they are not outside, not in NYC and in a green screen studio.

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