Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Bates motel, things you may not have known.

SO I know in one of my blog post before, I talk about the bates motel and talk mostly about the characters. However, in light of all commotion The Bates motel is causing. This drama series sure keeping its fans on their toes. Now, Instead of reviewing what amazing show it is and go on and on about how much I can't get enough of it I decided to do a little research. 

The bates motel creates an eery feel throughout  the show and their house in general is something that creates a good scene. What I found out though, is that the roof of the famous house is actually not even there. It is added on in post prediction. With the unit we are learning in class, I felt like bringing this up would correlate to that. You rally can add on anything you want and create the perfect set you desire without having to use funs in building it. 

Another random fact about bates motel is that it isn't the first time someone has tried to do a spin of of psycho. IN 1987 NBC produced a sequel to the film, however the plot is a lot different then we are seeing in this series. The original sees was about a boy who was a troubled teen who then ends up in an asylum. The boy meets Norman bates and after norman dies the boy tries to renovate the motel. Due to low ratings and negative reviews the poi lot was not picked up as a seres like it intended. 

Another thing you may want to know about The Bates Motel is that the '"ending" of norman bates isn't intruded to be the Psycho in the movie that they are basing it off of. The writers, producers and directors want to create a unique version of the story. ALSO, another random fun fact is that Freddie Highmore (Norman) will be graduating with a degree in linguistics. He is Fluent in arabic and Spanish. I have no idea why this show intrigues me so much, but I just had to talk about it again.

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BradB said...

If you went through the trouble of making up this article you probably should have read over it a couple time to check to make sure your spelling and grammer is correct. If you did re read it and didn't realize the mistakes then maybe the class that you should be in is English. Some of the words spelled wrong, and or wrong words used, prediction-production, rally-really, of-off, sees-scenes, seres-series, intruded-intended. It's a good article otherwise.