Thursday, October 17, 2013

Movies In Color

Calling all art directors!!  I have stumbled onto a really incredible resource.  It is a blog called  Essentially it takes the color palettes of films and breaks them down to their color spectrums, which it shows underneath a still of the image.  You can view a complete list of the films by clicking the Films link at the top of the page.  Some of them are no longer available, but there are still some great posts available.  I found it particularly inspiring for my film.  You can also sort the posts by Cinematographer.   The blog was originally created because the writer loved the cinematography of Skyfall, in particular the color palette.   I am a big fan of Roger Deakins' work and his stills are particularly captivating.

Here is the still from the establishing shot of Scotland in "Skyfall", Deakins used a lot of tans, off yellows and grays to establish this.  We see this throughout the setting.  

In "No Country for Old Men", Deakins used a great range of yellows and reds to convey the bloodiness of the film.  

Overall this blog does a great job of showing how the colors of major motion pictures contribute to their overall tone and message.   I like the "Skyfall" image above for our film as well.  We are going to be doing a lot of exploring with blues and grays.  This will really hold well with the messages and themes that our film is going to be showing.  When we introduce our love interest, she will most likely be in red, which will be a great way to pull emphasis and give the moment weight.  We are really excited to finalize how the art is going to come together!  I hope this helps others with their color palettes for their films!

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