Thursday, October 24, 2013

Music Videos fro Macklemore

Starting over the past year or so, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis new album, The Heist, took over the popular music scene. Although the album itself is one of my favorite of albums of all time, I want to discuss the absurd production quality of their music videos. Will start with the first one I saw and where I first fell in love.

The first and earliest video of Macklemore that I saw was Otherside. There's so many beautiful shots in this music video. They have a bunch of different settings like most music videos. The first being the hotel room. They stick to a specific color scheme the whole time of blues and yellows. Colors that make sense with water and natural colors. They do stray from it from time to time but only when they're really trying to convey a different mood or time setting. The way they also have the camera move with Macklemore's actions I think is a really powerful effect. Ben Howard has such a presence it's unbelievable. One of my favorite parts of a good music video is the story it tells. This video portrays his struggle with addiction and it effected his life and relationships. Demonstrating this through the boat, the hotel, and the dock scenes really have a great effect with the story of the song.

The next amazing song and music video is Same Love. Same Love depicts the struggles and accomplishments in the life of a homosexual. It's also the first pop song that is in support for gay rights. Again Ryan Lewis and Jon Jon Augustavo did such a wonderful job on this video. All of the shoots could be posters and look so perfect to me. You can literally pull a story from every scene. The overall story in this music video follows the life of a gay man. It shows him having a perfectly normal and healthy childhood but when he's a teen we see his first conflict. Then there's a scene where he's at a party standing alone in a crowd of couples. I think all of the red lights and shadows really portray the feeling of the guy. Then we see him struggling with saying grace and simply walking around in public as a couple. The last scene of the wedding is so beautiful to me. There's so little light and it really feels intimate and happy. You can really feel how powerful the moment is to the people at the wedding.

The first thing about this video is that it is clear they made a lot of money of the album. This music video is so over the top I can't believe. Sled dogs, pirate ships, camels, airplanes, trucks, sky diving,  and motorcycles. This probably has the least defined story of the three but the amount of things in each scene is just purely entertaining to the eye. I think it's trying to portray the uncapped power of the individual and coming together in this for the album. Each character is on a journey to spread the word about the album and give it to the people. I love this video because of how over the top it is and it makes me dream about having the ability to do something like this.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have so many gorgeous videos and I highly recommend watching them, and oh yeah. The music is pretty good too. I mean is number 2 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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