Friday, October 11, 2013

Commissioner James Gordon series on Fox?

Between the three most recent Batman movies with Christian Bale and now this new Batman movie with Ben Affleck, there's been a lot of talk about Batman and it's clearly become a popular topic. But recently I came across an article talking about a new TV series about Commissioner James Gordon called Gotham. The series will be about James Gordon in the early days before he met Batman. It's very much playing with the Smallville idea they did with Superman but just applying it to Batman.... except Commissioner Gordon, not Batman. Fox finally landed the show from Warner Brothers for next fall after a bidding war and the DC vs Marvel battle continues. Bruno Heller, creator of the Mentalist, was also picked up as the dominant writer for the show, telling the origins of Gotham City and how it got to where it is. They are talks of playing around with a lot of old villains from the comic books and I can only imagine how they will play with Wayne Industries.

I think this is an incredible idea. In fact I think it's a better idea than the new Batman movie they're making. After the trilogy of amazing Batman movies Christopher Nolan did, I think it's still too soon to make anything that will even compete with those. The James Gordon spin off is a great way to leave that legacy untouched but also develop it more. James Gordon was a major player in the trilogy but not big enough where he could go untouched. It's also a nice bit of fresh air in the midst of the dozens of cookie cut out detective shows.  It combines the whole super villain aspect which is just so interesting to me. Plus there is such a huge amount of villains and characters to pull from all of the different Batman and DC universes so this show in my mind has a lot of potential. Next Fall with fox gives me hope for good TV again.

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