Friday, October 11, 2013

Once Upon A Time...

This week I decided to do what I always do-- binge-watch yet another TV show. The pick this week just happened to be the ABC hit series "Once Upon A Time". I was feeling in the mood for a light-hearted show that entertained me while I procrastinated on homework. This show definitely did the trick. It is an ABC network show so Disney had their fingerprints all over this show. I'm really glad for this because it just wouldn't make sense if something fairy-tale based wasn't Disney-related. After all, Disney owns the rights to most (if not all) of those classic fairy tale stories. 

The show centers around Emma, an orphaned woman in her late 20's who is brought to a seemingly pleasant town in Maine called Storybrook by her son, Henry, who she gave away in an adoption agreement 11 years ago. This town is not just any old small town because it is a town filled with fairy tale characters from all of your favorite stories. The inhabitants in the town are fairy tale characters, but an evil curse was cast on them and they do not know their true identities. Henry is put to the task of making Emma believe in the magic of Storybrook and break the curse so that everyone can live "happily ever after". 

I find this show to be so fascinating because everything about it is so carefully thought out. Every fairy tale is woven into another to create one cohesive world. Snow White is friends with Red Riding Hood and they are both friends with Jiminy Cricket (who also has a dalmatian named Pongo from "101 Dalmatians"). The bad guys in the fairy tales also remain the same and feature bad guys like the Evil Queen from Snow White and Rumplestiltskin. There are also references to other Disney franchises like "Tron", "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe", "Mulan", and "Sleeping Beauty". This show unveils the characters  and it lets the viewer guess at the characters true identity before it is revealed by other characters. 

I'm a big fan of this show because I love fairy tales of all sorts. I really enjoy the backstory that all of the characters have and you end up seeing the good in every character, even the bad guys. This gives the characters much more substance than I thought they had because you get to enjoy the humanistic traits of everyone. This show is great for divulging my love for the fantasy world. 

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