Thursday, October 31, 2013


Last night my roommates and I were carving pumpkins and we decided to dress up in our minion costumes to be festive. Then we decided to make a video attempting to mimic the minions in the video below.

So before you watch the next video please keep in mind we did it in one take and only saw the video once.

It would definitely not receive an A in the grade book and will not be a YouTube sensation. However, it was spur of the moment and so much fun! If I had to do it again these are some of the things I would do to make it better...

      1. Script it with time queues
,     2. Study each minion's body language
      3. Get a real party blower (not a straw)
      4. Use a better camera (not my Macbook photo booth) 
      5. Have a separate screen displaying the video simultaneously  
      6. Rehearse
      7. Do more post production on a better editing system (not iMovie)

Although it is not great quality and the singing and actions are not on queue, I hope you enjoyed the video and have a fantastic Halloween weekend!

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