Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mylo Xyloto

As I was stumbling through my favorited videos on YouTube, I came across a music video that I had almost completely forgot about. This music video was for the Coldplay song "Hurts Like Heaven". This video came out on October 8, 2012 and the song was from the Coldplay album, Mylo Xyloto. This video was directed by Mark Osborne with illustrations by Alejandro Fuentes. The story in this music video is about a dystopian society who's ruler (Major Minus) is hellbent on keeping the world colorless and without music. This does not suit many of the people and they form a street writing team who bring color into the world.

The music  video for this follows a comic book style of video with speech bubbles and an almost frame-by-frame movement throughout the video. At the end you find out that this video is just the start of a whole series of 6 comics entitled "Mylo Xyloto". What Coldplay has done is take their album and put it onto multiple platforms. There is this music video for the song "Hurts Like Heaven" and now there is a whole series of comics that tell the tale of Mylo Xyloto. This is a very clever thing because it provides a whole transmedia experience to the viewers. You are able to listen to the music, watch the video, and read the comic. This allows for a more immersive experience for the people participating in it.

The art direction of this video also captivated me. The use of bright colors reflected the colors that Coldplay used on their stage during their shows. It also flows with the album artwork because there are bright multicolor swishes and swoops of color. Everything that was produced from the Mylo Xyloto album flows together to create a cohesive work of art.

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