Friday, April 18, 2014

True Facts about...

You probably have come across the "True Facts about (insert animal name here)" videos on youtube. If you haven't basically its video clips of an animal living its life while a man tells you facts about the animal. I was recently introduced to the video about the mantis shrimp.

I like these videos because they present the information about the animals in a way that isn't dry like a textbook. The man talking in these videos has a very unenthusiastic tone when telling you these interesting facts and he is often bitter about the things the animals can do that he cannot. He always starts out telling the facts professionally and then he slowly gets more casual and more inappropriate as he goes on. Towards the end of each video he's cursing frivolously. I think videos like this are a great way to teach kids about animals they wouldn't typically learn about or want to know about.

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