Friday, April 25, 2014

Timeflies-Let it Go

My most recent artist obsession has become Timeflies Tuesday. They are unique and I love listening to their music. Recently they came out with a youtube video called "Let it Go," it is a cover of the song from Frozen, however has it's own spin on it. Cal, the lead singer pulls a Disney movie out of a hat and has to incorporate it into the song. It is smart, creative and super catchy. Not only was the song very well done, but so were some of the camera shots. There were extreme close ups of guitars and drums that were sick!  They were perfectly in focus and you could see the string vibrate while some powder fell off of the strings. The editing was awesome and flowed. The combination of the amazing song and the camera shots made this music video very much worth watching. I recommend taking a look(especially my fellow Frozen fans out there)

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