Friday, April 25, 2014

Camera with Ridiculous Frame Rate

As my title suggests, this camera is indeed crazy fast. How fast? Try one TRILLION frames per second.

Now you see what were dealing with here. This camera is so fast that it can be pointed at a fucking apple and the footage will make you have to change your pants. The purpose of this camera is to capture light moving...let that sink in because we now have the power to see light move. The camera was designed at M.I.T. and is used to experiment with photons. One of the people who created this camera, Ramesh Raskar, gave a TED talk about the camera and its future potential. 

Around the 6:27 mark is the start of a cool animation that explains how they use this insanely fast camera to see things around corners. The full potential of this camera is astounding and the future practical uses for this kind of photography interlaced with other technology is amazing. Cameras don't always have to shoot movies...they can do other things like bend the laws of physics. 

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