Friday, April 18, 2014

Why horror movies suck these days

Like everything, horror movies have evolved. Some people might say that they like the newer generation horror movies, and every now and then we do get a really good movie. As a horror maniac...a real big fan of the genre... I can say that there’s just something that the new movies lack. I don’t know if its the campiness or character development or even the crazy stories first told from the 60's to early 90's, it just feels that no one is trying to be creative anymore, no one is trying new ideas...everyone is just playing it safe in either remaking a classic or putting a spin on the torture subgenre. But I think horror movies will soon move out of this slump because fans of the old school horror are finally coming to of age and directing their own I think that this will definitely help in the next few years. Another reason that horror movies lack creativity is because studies nowadays are only interested in turning a profit. They can shoot a horror movie for extremely cheap, even if it sucks, and turn a profit if the trailers good.

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