Friday, April 25, 2014

Smart Things

     Ever see the Disney Chanel movie Smart house and think wow I wish my home could be like that. . . without the robot "Mom" wanting to keep you hostage. Well Smart Things is a pretty cool bit of technology that allows you to completely automate your home and can make it almost as cool as Smart house. You can use your cellphone to talk to your home and have your home talk back to you by using some of the devices that come with the smart things package. Your home will know when you wake up which will tell your home to turn on lights, start making coffee and could set your temperature. Here is a video showing a demo house with smart things technology in it.

     Although it does sound pretty neat smart things is pretty creepy at the same time. Having you home making your life easier could be nice, but having it know so much about you an your family makes me uncomfortable. Also if you want to completely automate your house it could start to get pretty expensive. The starter pack is $200 and comes with some cool stuff to get you, well started. But the more you want your house to do the more you have to pay. 

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