Friday, April 25, 2014

Todrick Hall and Virgin America: A Good Combination

If you have never heard of Todrick Hall, let me explain to you just how cool he is. Todrick is a YouTube sensation and an amazing choreographer, dancer, and musician. One of my favorite videos he has done is Cinderfella; a parody on the classic Cinderella love story. The video that I am referring to though, has a different impact than some of Todrick’s other videos. This video is a creative publicity and advertising tool created by him in partnership with Virgin America Airlines. We all know how monotonous and boring the safety instructions at the beginning of a flight can be, but Virgin America and Todrick Hall decided to turn that around and make it a fun and entertaining experience. This video is just another example of Todrick’s brilliance, considering he choreographed and created the entire idea.  Not only did this video go viral, but Virgin America is now able to use this videos on all of their flights. This might encourage travelers to choose Virgin next time they are planning a trip.

Not only is this a great move for Virgin America, but it is also positive for Todrick. Him doing this video was just another tool for him to get his name out there. Being associated with this large company was a smart move to further propel his career.

         I think this safety video is a very clever idea. The song is catchy and the dance is creative. I think it is a great promotional tool and something that other airlines might consider doing when evaluating their informational process. Not only would I recommend this video purely for entertainment, but I would also suggest that you take a look at some of Todrick’s other work. Below is the Virgin America video, as well as Cinderfella, which I mentioned earlier.

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