Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Aprantly the GoPro is not the only great action camera you can buy...

As we all know, GoPro took the stage by storm when it launched a few years ago. This amazing camera takes filming to new nights by getting some unique shits that could not have been accessed before. This amazing camera is capable getting some beautiful action shots such as those in extreme sports. You can literally attach the camera to your helmet and record yourself skiing, skydiving, swimming, ect. Now the GoPro isn't anything new, so why did I bring it up? I brought it up because I never knew of any camera capable of doing the same tasks. The GoPro is so big that I was convinced it held a monopoly over the action camera market. Well, it turns out there are many other companies that have replicated the action camera and arguably improved it. A company called Gizmodo decided to put these cameras to the test in this short youtube video:

As expected, the GoPro Hero+ Black was deemed the best camera, yet the other cameras still did well relatively. But although the GoPro won the best overall camera, it does not mean it is the best in every field. Depending on what you are looking for certain action cameras may in fact be better then the GoPro for you. 

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