Friday, March 4, 2016

Tim Hetherington death of an incomparable photojournalist

Tim Hetherington was killed on April 20 while covering the conflict in Libya. You all might remember him for his amazing documentary Restrepo. Where he dodged death and got to show such an interesting and dangerous war. The Film Tim was working on when he was killed starts off with Tim Hetherington trying to describe why he risks his life to tell stories from some of the world’s most dangerous regions. Eventually, he finds the right words: “I want to connect with real people, to document them in real circumstances, where there aren’t any neat solutions.” This man had so much passion for his work that he put his own life in danger every day just to try to get the world to notice the conflicts happening today.

“My great concern is that Tim died thinking he had done something stupid,” Junger says. “If I could say something to him now, I would tell him his life wasn’t worth the photos he was taking at that moment. But all of us who do this job understand that losing your life is worth all the photos we take and all the stories we write. He didn’t do anything stupid, he was doing something important. He lived his life very bravely and very honestly, and by doing so he helped a lot of people.”

“Tim’s work is an unfinished project,” Brabazon says. “There was an important period after his death when we remembered his work; now we need to interpret his work. We need to engage with it, discuss it, and then we need to turn it towards the future. If we can do that, we will be able to build on the conversation Tim started.”

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